Wooden Products.

A pallet is just a pallet – unless it’s made by Britain’s Bravest Manufacturing Co. Our wooden products team includes people who have served in our Armed Forces as well as people with disabilities. Their hard work goes into making great wooden products for organisations and individuals all over the country.


The number of fruit bins produced in the last 12 months – enough to make 1.2 million apple pies


The total weight of all fruit bins we made last year in tons – the equivalent of two blue whales


The number of veterans and people with disabilities we employ in our factory

Wooden Pallets

We manufacture a wide range of pallets in a number of shapes and sizes, whether you are looking for a large number of Euro or UK pallets or just a few bespoke items.

UK Pallets

Our UK pallets are hard-wearing and durable, so you know they’ll perform when you need them to

Euro Pallets

Our Euro pallets are high quality and dependable so you can rely on them to fulfil the task at hand

Bespoke Pallets

Our team is capable of producing pallets of almost any size, so we can help with any enquiry

Fruit Bins

We manufacture a wide range of fruit bins for customers across England. Our products have been designed in collaboration with local growers to ensure they are up to the task.

Ply-sided Bins

12mm spruce ply bins with a range of floorings, sides and edges available

Storage Bins

These new fruit bins offer your fruit even greater ventilation and protection

Bespoke Bins

We can make wooden bins in almost any size, whether for fruit or any other product

Specialist Products

As well as manufacturing wooden pallets and fruit bins, our team has the skill and experience to produce an even wider range of wooden products for customers.


From large storage boxes to planters and seats, we can make boxes for a wide range of uses


If you’re looking for high quality panels to cover or decorate an area, we can provide you them


We are able to supply high quality wood in a range of sizes for use on your own projects

Who we supply

How we make our wooden products

Our wooden products are long-lasting and durable, with most being made by hand to ensure that we get the quality that you are looking for. We use high quality wood and can use both nails and adhesives to ensure your pallets are up to the toughest tasks.