Our Credentials.

We believe that all companies have an important part to play in preserving our environment for now and for future generations, and we understand our duty to have an active strategy to reduce our impact on the environment and promote sustainability.

Sustainably sourced & nothing wasted

Our wooden products team produce a range of pallets, fruit bins and specialist products. All wood we use is FSC certified with any surplus material that cannot be used in production utilised to generate low carbon electricity.

Zero landfill

At our social enterprise in Scotland, SBMC, we manufacture signs and offer a versatile range of fulfilment services for our customers north of the border. We extensively recycle any excess or waste materials and, where recycling is not feasible, there is a process in place to ensure waste is shredded, bailed and used for low carbon electricity generation.

Circular environment

Our print and mail facility in Leatherhead is trialing various methods to recycle the materials we use in our products. We go beyond simply sending waste materials to recycling and now have a successful circular use of banner stands; re-using existing stands or re-purposing them for other projects.

Carbon neutrality

Environmental awareness is about understanding the impact your organisation has on the environment and taking measured steps to minimise or eradicate it. We are always reviewing our carbon footprint, with our goal to significantly reduce it. Where we are not reasonably able to achieve a zero carbon footprint, we aim offset this through a number of initiatives so that we can become a fully carbon neutral organisation.

ISO accreditation

We have gained various ISO certifications, including ISO 27001, and ISO 9001, in an effort to maintain our industry-leading reputation, and we are please to announce we have also achieved ISO14001; a framework in place to protect the environment and respond to the ever-changing environmental conditions in balance with socio-economic needs. We have received excellent feedback internally and externally on this and we’re extremely proud to have achieved ISO 14001.

Customer confidence

We want our customers to be confident that purchasing from RBLI supports the environment as well as our social enterprise. Our active efforts to understand the effect we have on the world around us has resulted in us embarking on a number of initiatives, with each of our locations leading in different areas.

Are you convinced? They are.

 “We have always received a competitive service from BBMC and are always impressed with the quality.”

Claire Herridge
Scheme Project Manager

“They provided a great service and we were delighted with the entire experience.

Simon Daniel
Commercial Events & Hospitality Manager

“They are always willing to go the extra mile.”

Paul Fogarty
Managing Director