About Us.

Britain’s Bravest Manufacturing Co. is the UK’s leading social enterprise providing employment to military veterans, as well as to those with disabilities, and is a national market leader in the production of road and rail signs.

Around 100 employees working with us


70% of us are veterans from the Armed Forces, have a physical or mental disability, or both

For over 50 years, our team have been creating innovative signage

Invested in sign manufacturing

Our mission.

It is our mission to create employment opportunities for ex-forces personnel, allowing them to use the skills they learned in the Armed Forces while enabling them to maintain their independence in civilian life. This has been our mission here at RBLI since we were founded over 100 years ago and it continues to drive us forward today.


70% of us are veterans from the Armed Forces, have a physical or mental disability, or both

Who we employ on our team.

Employing ex-service personnel in our factories

Britain’s Bravest Manufacturing Co. has a team of hard-working men and women; many of whom have served our country or have a disability which impacts on their everyday life. For over 50 years, they have been using their skills to provide a high quality service to customers across the country.

What happens to your money.

Supporting veterans into employment

If there is surplus generated from our commercial activity, it always goes back to support those who need it; whether it is in the factory or supporting veterans across the UK with their journey back into employment or in finding suitable accommodation.

“I now have a purpose in life”

Team Leader

“Working here is like being part of a family”


Invested in sign manufacturing

Proud to provide high-quality & service.

Leading quality & competitively priced products

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality and fairly priced products to all of our customers. It is by doing this and by understanding our ethical responsibilities that we are able to grow our business and support more people towards independence.

Are you convinced? They are.

 “We have always received a competitive service from BBMC and are always impressed with the quality.”

Claire Herridge
Scheme Project Manager

“They provided a great service and we were delighted with the entire experience.

Simon Daniel
Commercial Events & Hospitality Manager

“They are always willing to go the extra mile.”

Paul Fogarty
Managing Director