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Britain’s Bravest Manufacturing Co. is the UK’s leading social enterprise providing employment to military veterans, as well as to those with disabilities, and is a national market leader in the production of road and rail signs.

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A truly unique organisation.

Britain’s Bravest Manufacturing Company is truly unique. A leading social enterprise of Royal British Legion Industries (RBLI), we are the UK’s leading signage maker with a team of over 100 people; 70% of us are veterans from the Armed Forces, those with a physical or mental disability, or both.


In partnering with Britain’s Bravest you will not only get a best-in-class experience, you will be supporting our forces by helping to create a transformative job opportunity for someone truly deserving.

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Veterans, those with disabilites, or both

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Supports veterans into employment

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High quality & competitively priced products

The story behind our team.

Britain’s Bravest Manufacturing Co. has a team of hard working men and women; many of whom have served our country or have a disability which impacts on their everyday life. Now they use their skills to provide a high quality service to customers across the country.


Around 100 employees working with us


70% of us are veterans from the Armed Forces, have a physical or mental disability, or both


For over 50 years, our team have been creating innovative signage


Invested in sign manufacturing

What we make.

We offer a wide range of products from road signs to wooden pallets and are even the proud manufacturer of RBLI’s iconic Tommy collection. With decades of experience in delivering high quality and competitively priced products, utilising different methods and equipment, our veterans are able to supply customers across the private, public and charitable sectors.


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“The new signs are striking, innovative and reflect a strong sense of local pride and identity.”

– Dave Dixon, Bath & North East Somerset Council

“The social value that BBMC give is always growing & changing”

– Claire Herridge, Network Rail (High Speed) Ltd