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Behind Every product There's a Story

A Pallet is just a Pallet - unless it's made by Britain's Bravest Manufacturing Company. Our Wooden Products Team includes people who have served in our Armed Forces as well as people with disabilities. Their hard work goes into making great Wooden Products for organisations across the country.

Our products

What We Make

We have been manufacturing wooden products since we were founded following WW1 and have continued to grow ever since. We produce Pallets and Fruit Bins and a range of other Wooden Products.

Catering To Our Customers' Needs

We are able to produce bespoke products to cater to your requirements - whether it be a specially sized Pallet for your business or Wooden Boxes for a display, our Team will do their best to provide you with what you are looking for.

Our Customers

Who We Supply

We would not be able to support our beneficiaries without the support of our customers. We are proud to supply our Wooden Products to companies across the country and would like to thank them for trusting us to supply the high quality products they have come to expect.

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”buy your wooden products & support britain's bravest”

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