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Behind Every Pallet There's a Story

Behind each of our Pallets is the story of a member our Team, which includes Armed Forces veterans and people with disabilities and health conditions. Their hard work goes into making great Wooden Pallets for organisations mainly in the South East.

Our Products

What We Make

We manufacture a wide range of Wooden Pallets in a number of shapes and sizes. We can help whether you are looking for a large number of Euro or UK Pallets or just a few bespoke items.

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Our Products

How We Make Them

Our Pallets are long-lasting and durable, with many being made by hand to ensure that we get the quality that you are looking for. We use high quality wood and can use both nails and adhesives to ensure your pallets are up to the toughest tasks.

Our Customers

Who We Supply

Many of our customers have relied on our products for years and continue to support the work that we do. We have worked with them to ensure that they receive high quality products at a competitive price and with excellent customer service. Thank you for your support!

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quality pallets made by britain's bravest

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