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Who We Employ

The People Doing Your Packing

At Britain's Bravest Manufacturing Co. we employ ex-service personnel and people with disabilities to provide them with the opportunity to work and be independent. They are the people who Pick & Pack for organisations across the country.

Our Services

What We Do

We are able to provide a range of Pick & Pack Services to our customers, from storing inventory to fulfilling customer orders.

Our Capability

an experienced team

We have been providing Pick & Pack Services to customers for decades, working with companies that sell everything from children's toys to t-shirts and general merchandise. If your business has got a requirement, our Team is normally up for the challenge!

Our Customers

Who We Supply

We work with companies large and small across the country and provide a service that is tailored to their requirements. Their custom and continued support enables us to support the Armed Forces veterans and people with disabilities that work in our factories. We salute you!

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