Breaking a World Record

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The Customer

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”how could the relationship be better? bbmc worked with us to build the largest k'nex structure in the world”

Ian Glover

1k club president

Bloodhound SSC

Our Approach

Designing & Construction

Given this monumental challenge, our highly skilled Fulfilment Team went about designing the full-size replica. With their experience in assembling K'NEX they were able to design the structure from scratch.

The Outcome

The Largest K'NEX Structure Ever Made!

Photos of the Bloodhound K'NEX model being built

After 1,287 hours of assembly, using 383,422 pieces of K'NEX, the Team completed the construction of the life-size replica of the BLOODHOUND SSC. Measuring over 13 metres in length and over 3 metres high, it broke the World Record for the largest K'NEX structure ever made.

"they are always willing to go the extra mile"

Paul Fogarty

managing director

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